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Projects & companies
Centre for Applied Technologies GmbH (CAT)

Marschstraße 30a, 25704 Meldorf, T +49 4832 996-100, F +49 4832 996-109

The Centre for Applied Technologies (CAT) offers space and infrastructure for business start-ups from all economic fields and is also geared towards young already existing companies.

WOMAN & WORK, Consulting Services in the Dithmarschen and Steinburg area

Marschstraße 30a im CAT, 25704 Meldorf, T +49 481 78 700-19
Viktoriastraße 17, 25524 Itzehoe, T +49 4821 403028-54

WOMAN & WORK gives advice regarding all questions based on professional growth and returning to work. The advisors support women in all phases of life in finding their way to earning their living and recognising and using their chances and opportunities.

North Elbe Project Corporation mbH

Viktoriastraße 17, 25524 Itzehoe, T +49 4821 17888-0, F +49 4821 17888-11

The North Elbe Project Corporation mbH consults with and supports public agencies in compiling concepts and implementing projects in the field of business promotion and regional development. It also implements its own projects, such as Regional Management for the Regional Cooperation West Coast/Lower Elbe and the Regional Office for the ITI West Coast.

Specialist Workers Alliance West Coast/Lower Elbe

Elbehafen, 25541 Brunsbüttel,  T +49 4852 8384-23
Viktoriastraße 17, 25524 Itzehoe, T +49 4821 403028-4

As part of the Specialist Workers Alliance West Coast/Lower Elbe, egw: wirtschaftsförderung has a hand in minimising the foreseeable shortage of skilled workers in Dithmarschen and Steinburg. With the support of the Landesprogramm Arbeit (State Work Programme), small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are to be informed and made more receptive to measures required to secure skilled workers and be encouraged and supported while taking corporate action.

Wacken Municipal Waterworks Association

Reselithweg 22, 25596 Wacken, T +49 4827 9999-0, F +49 4827 1336

To ensure the supply of drinking water in the ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel, the egw: wirtschaftsförderung operates the waterworks Wacken, Kuden and Warringholz and manages the Wacken Municipal Waterworks Association.

Wirtschafts- und Wissenschaftspark mariCUBE

Hafentörn 3, 25761 Büsum, T +49 4834 96500-0, F +49 4834 96500-50

As a centre of expertise for blue biotechnology, the mariCUBE is an ideal location for business start-ups and young companies in the fields of blue biotechnology, aquacultures and their environment, which work in close collaboration with researchers and scientists. Under the management of egw: wirtschaftsförderung, the best local conditions are ensured.

Nationwide Regional Management for the Economic Region of the Lower Elbe

Elbehafen, 25541 Brunsbüttel, T +49 4852 8384-12, F +49 4852 8384-30

The shared industrial location of the Lower Elbe is to gain a stronger position in international competition and in doing so, become more appealing to companies. The Transnational Regional Management, with project offices in Brunsbüttel, Stade and Hamburg, operates in the three fields of industrial location, energy site and location-based marketing.

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Standort Büsum

Hafentörn 3
25761 Büsum

Tel.: +49 4834 96500-0
Fax: +49 4834 96500-50
E-Mail: info(at)

Standort Meldorf

Marschstraße 30a
25704 Meldorf

Tel.: +49 4832 996-0
Fax: +49 4832 996-109
E-Mail: info(at)

Standort Itzehoe

Viktoriastraße 17
25524 Itzehoe

Tel.: +49 4821 4030-280
Fax: +49 4821 4030-289
E-Mail: steinburg(at)

Standort Brunsbüttel

Elbehafen 1
25541 Brunsbüttel

Tel.: +49 4852 8384-0
Fax: +49 4852 8384-30
E-Mail: info(at)

Standort Heide

Große Westerstraße 8
25746 Heide

Tel.: +49 481 683769-0
E-Mail: info(at)