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Specialist employees

Companies and their employees are the focal point of all our activities. As part of the consultancy network for securing skilled workers in Schleswig-Holstein, we support your company with measures for securing skilled workers and systematic human resource development as well as in establishing family-friendly structures.

We provide advice on securing skilled workers and furnish you with information on funding programmes relating to occupational and in-house further training (e.g. Further Training Bonus Schleswig-Holstein, training grants, master craftsman BaföG - repayable loan from the German government). In our role as the provider of preliminary information for the Federal ESF Programme “unternehmensWert:Mensch”, we are able to support your company in Dithmarschen and Steinburg. We can analyse the need for change in your business, review eligibility for financing, issue consultancy vouchers for further specialist advice and help your company guarantee the success of consultation services on a long-term basis by means of a discussion on performance.

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